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Careers at Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Welcome to the Future of Online Advertising
We are looking for talented and enthusiastic persons who would like to grow with us and share our success. Individuals who can recognize our Vision and execute our every Mission with commitment and passion.
Our Corporate Values envelop everything we do.
At Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we provide employees the opportunity to explore their ability, while engaging in challenging and interesting functions. We believe in exercising freedom of thought, creativity, integrity, accountability and above all – teamwork.
Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Promoters of Sri Lanka’s most popular classified advertisement web site www.buyandsell.lk is looking for Telemarketing Executives. Over 3000 visitors visit this website daily from all over the world. Websites stats are at: http://www.buyandsell.lk/statistics.html
The Job
The selected candidates will be promoting advertising on www.buyandsell.lk to the prospects over the phone. Prospects are typically households who want to sell their land, house, car to corporate entities who wants to promote their brands to consumers. The company will provide you with leads to call and call charges will be paid by the company.
www.buyandsell.lk currently offers following advertising options to clients:
  1. Standard Classified Advertisements (SCA) – These are typical classified advertisements published on various categories. http://www.buyandsell.lk/all-categories.html lists all available product categories.
  2. Category Sponsor Advertisement (CSA) – All of the above SCA ads will be placed on most suitable category. For example, all types of vehicles will be under “Automobiles” section. Certain corporate bodies may be interested in promoting their brand in these selected categories. Example: Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Ltd may be interested in advertising on “Automobiles” section to promote their “Toyota” products line.
  3. Home Page Banners (HPB) – Since the web site home page is visited by over 1200 visitors daily basics, home page is the best place to advertise for any corporate body who wish to promote their products and services to Sri Lankans.
For more details on above plans, refer to: http://www.buyandsell.lk/advertise.html
Sales Targets
The selected candidate is given a sales target of LKR 110,000 per month. This can be archived by selling just 50 SCA advertisements, which is approximately about two (02) SCA advertisements per day. Renewals of existing advertisements are not commissionable.
The Package
The monthly take home salary will be computed based on below formula:
  1. Total Monthly Sales (LKR 0 to LKR 20,000) - A basic salary of LKR 6,000/= will be paid and employment will be terminated due to under performance.
  2. Total Monthly Sales (LKR 20,000 to LKR 50,000) – A basic salary of LKR 6,000/= plus a 15% sales commission will be paid. So, a person who makes sales worth LKR 45,000/= will have a take home salary of LKR 12,750/=
  3. Total Monthly Sales (LKR 50,000 to 100,000) – A basic salary of LKR 8,000/= plus 20% sales commission will be paid. So, a person who makes sales worth LKR 75,000/= will have a take home salary of LKR 23,000/=
  4. Total Monthly Sales (Over LKR 100,000) – A basic salary of LKR 10,000/= plus 25% sales commission will be paid. So, a person who makes sales worth LKR 110,000/= will have a take home salary of LKR 37,500/=
Note: Your basic salary above is subject to EPF deductions after completion of probation period.
Terms and Conditions
  1. All selected candidates will be placed on a three (03) months probation period.
  2. Those who fail to meet the minimum target will be terminated under performance grounds.
  3. Working Hours (8:30am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri and 9:00am to 1:00pm Sat)
If you wish to join our team of professionals, send in your Curriculum Vitae to:
Human Resources Manager
Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
No: 78A,
C.P. De Silva Mawatha,
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