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About Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a full service Internet Marketing / Ad Agency comprised of only highly experienced, talented and versatile staff. Since 2005, we combine expertise and superior technology providing your business a distinct competitive edge.

Our Online Advertising Agency is helping clients establish and implement online strategies for over 4 years. Whether you wish to place a single classified ad or planning to go for a nationwide ad campaign, we have a service plan that will meet your needs. We will help you plan and implement an advertising campaign of any scale and budget with high efficiency. We can also handle all of your recruitment advertising.

About The Web Site

www.buyandsell.lk is an online classifieds and web trading platform designed, developed and promoted by Online Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to connect buyers and sellers around the world. We provide tools and listings services for buying and selling products and services across Sri Lanka.

Our clients can manage listings, search for different products and services and personalize their online classified experience to suit their needs.

While anyone can search www.buyandsell.lk online classified listings, regular members who have signed up can personalize their experience by saving and editing searches for later, as well as adding items to their wish list. Regular members can also post listings individually with our listing tools.

Merchant members can sell their goods and services with their own customized store front. In addition to the features that regular members receive, merchant members can further enhance their online classifieds experience with more enhanced features. Merchant members can have a personalized storefront with their own online listings catalogs that are available for all customers to search through. Merchant Stores can include their own company logo and include their own custom advertisement graphics.

All members can control how they want to be contacted, whether by phone, email or fax.

Corporate Profile: http://www.buyandsell.lk/download/corporate-profile.pdf
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